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Commercial and Residential

Trusted Locksmiths works closely with both local residential and commercial properties alike. Gaining entry (including shutters), upgrading locks to insurance standard and servicing.

Trusted Locksmiths also works in partnership with local letting and estate agents, encouraging their vendors to change their locks when they move in to a new property. It is very common for people within the UK not to change the locks of the property when they move in, this is high risk as they do not know who or how many people have keys to the property.

We highly recommend that if you have just moved in to a property, that you have the locks changed immediately and offer very competitive rates to assist you with this.

We also offer a 20% cash back to any agency, company or individual who recommends Trusted Locksmiths. 

Terms and Conditions

20% cash back will be paid to the Company, Organisation, or Individual that recommends ‘Trusted Locksmiths’

The 20% will be payable on the completion of any works carried out, the sum of which will be calculated as follows:

20% of the invoice total, less any parts used (at cost)

Reference number: 1757


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