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Did you know that 6% of Britons are still leaving a spare set of keys under a mat – Where do you leave your spare set of keys?
A survey found that more than a quarter of Britons are still leaving their spare keys hidden in the garden!

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Burglary News – Locksmiths Essex, Hertfordshire & London

It has been recently reported by the Daily Mail that November is the month that you are most likely to be burgled!

According to Victim Support around half a million burglaries take place each year in England and Wales, although crime overall has fallen considerably over the last few years, in fact BBC News in October of this year reported that crime had fallen by 7%, burglary still remains a common crime that affects a large percentage of the population. A recent study by LV= Home Insurance highlighted the fact that in the month of November a home in the UK is burgled every two minutes.

Locksmith Buckhurst Hill

Trusted Locksmiths visited to a lovely lady in Buckhurst Hill today, replacing and upgrading her locks to comply with British Standards, she is now fully covered for her contents insurance.

She had already had a locksmith out, who was going to put a cheap and nasty 3 lever mortice lock in her door. This would not be good enough from an insurance point of view.

Please beware of locksmiths who are selling these type of locks, as customers generally don’t realize they are substandard until it’s to late.

Trusted Locksmiths fit BS 5 Lever Mortice Locks as standard.

Romford Locksmiths – Yellow Pages Advert

The 2013/14 Romford & Ilford Yellow Pages has been out since March 2013 and is doing well. Please find Trusted Locksmiths, who now covers the entire Essex area.

To keep up to date with the company’s currently servicing your area, please dispose of your old Yellow Pages books, once you have received your new one.

Brentwood & Chelmsford Locksmith Yellow Pages Advert

The 2013/14 Brentwood & Chelmsford Yellow Pages is now out, please find Trusted Locksmiths, who now also covers the entire Essex area.

Locksmith Dagenham

Sometimes wonder how people live with themselves. We attended the aftermath of a burglary of a 99 year old lady in Dagenham and they had stolen her entire life savings. Luckily she was out dancing(!!!) when this happened and did not seem as affected as some people are, after such a traumatic situation.

This customer now has an insurance approved mortice lock fitted, with a 12 months guarantee which is provided with all locks supplied and fitted by Trusted Locksmiths.

Please ensure that your locks are up to insurance standard, they will then have no excuse to get out of paying out.

For advise on insurance approved locks, please call us free on 0800 193 8990….

Locksmith Essex & London

Trusted Locksmiths would like to thank The Crown Estate for choosing us to undertake the work we carried out at their property. After an extensive vetting process, we are now officially their approved locksmith in the Essex and London area.

Locksmiths Essex, Hertfordshire, East London & North London

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Locksmith Buckhurst Hill

Trusted Locksmiths gained entry and replaced an Ingersoll Lock for a customer in Buckhurst Hill today. After 35 years of perfect working order, it finally gave up the ghost and was replaced with a nice shiny new one. This lock is provided with a 12 months parts and labour guarantee, as are all of the locks provided by Trusted Locksmiths.

Locksmiths Hornchurch

Went out late last night to a burglary to secure a little old lady’s property in Hornchurch. The police offered to have the door boarded up for her (at a cost) which was completely unnecessary and would have only caused more damage. Thank goodness she called us instead. This is common practice for the police these days as they must get commission from it. It is never advisable to use this service, as the prices are extortionate and in most cases further work is needed to rectify what they have done.