Trusted Locksmiths – Tips For Security – Day 6

The sixth tip of our ‘The 12 Security Tips of Christmas’…

6. Don’t discuss any holiday plans on any type of open forum i.e. Facebook. I’m sure you have all heard the horror stories where over a thousand people turned up to a party that had been made public on Facebook, it would be like that but a party for… burglars!

According to online etiquette blog ‘Netmanners’ social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter are accessible by anyone although you are letting your ‘friends’ know what you are up to there is always the underlying issue that anyone can access your information and find out what you are up to i.e. burglars.

The rise of social media used for criminal purposes has become more evident in recent years especially when you look at cases such as the Hollywood burglaries that occurred from 2008 – 2009 by members of a burglary group known in the media as ‘The Bling Ring’.


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